We are proud to receive awards to confirm what we already know – that we have the best team of real estate specialists in the Saudi real estate property market. With an unbeatable combination of experience, professionalism, Saudi market knowledge and industry recognition, we can find your ideal property quickly. Our focus on customer service and local property knowledge means that Select Homes has become a respected, trusted and frequently recommended real estate property company in Saudi Arabia.

“Leasing preserves cash and working capital, protects you against inflation risks and enables you to take full advantage of the latest and most advanced technologies” Leasing preserves cash and working capital by providing an additional and valuable source of funding.

Leasing protects the customer against inflation risks as structured and constant payments over the duration of a lease contract ensure that tomorrow’s costs are covered by today’s money values. Leasing also considerably simplifies forecasting and budgeting processes.

In response to increasing demand from the Saudi Arabian real estate Leasing, ACT Middle East now offer full range of core competencies across Saudi Arabia. Our experts cover a full range of services including research, valuations, strategic consulting, corporate finance advisory, leasing, and investment transactions. We cover the full range of asset classes including offices, residential, retail, industrial and infrastructure.

The opening of our Saudi Arabian office in 2008 marks further expansion of company operations in the ACT region, where ACT is the pre-eminent real estate investment advisor, having worked in 20 countries, on projects worth USD 200 billion and on transactions in excess of USD 1.2 billion. The company has advised on projects in excess of USD 100 billion in KSA in the last 2 years.

Saudi Arabia is by far the largest real estate market in the Gulf and is poised to be one of the fastest growing markets in the region over the next 3 years, with up to 30 million square meters of commercial space forecast across the major cities within the kingdom by 2012. Unlike most of the other  markets, the Saudi real estate market is driven primarily by internal demand generated by the rapidly growing local population.

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