Commercial Cleaning Service 

How clean your office looks will be a huge factor in the impression that your office makes on clients, customers and staff. An office that is spotless will show how much you care about your business, and make it appear attractive to clients. It also creates a better and more hygienic work environment for employees to work.


  • Floor waxing
  • Carpetshampooing
  • Stains & grease removalWall
  • Ceiling Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Service 
Outsourcing your cleaning needs to a trusted third party professional cleaning service like us will save you both time and money, so you can focus on the core strengths of your business. We use powerful cleaning equipment like industry-grade high-performance vacuum cleaner for our tasks, so they can handle cleaning tasks speedily and with ease. We have established effective and safe protocols for cleaning through our years of experience. Our cleaning staff is trained to follow these protocols, so they can clean your industry site without causing any damage to the in-house components and equipment.


  • Industry grade cleaning equipment
  • Food Industry Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning 
We offer cleaning of all kinds cladding from exterior to interior type from metal, glass, masonry and fiberglass. Include façade or any other decorative wall finish at your private residential home, commercial and office building.

Residential Cleaning Service 
We have handled a variety of residential cleaning projects from apartments to villas, to palaces, and ensure that we completely dust and mop the home free of dust, dirt, stains and grime so it is sparkly clean!


  • Floors
  • Marble
  • Carpets Shampooing
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • CeilingsGeneral Cleaning

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