ACT has varied ability in the fast track design-build of manufacturing plants.  Each manufacturing plant is unique: the emphasis on design depends largely on the manufacturing processes and requirements such as conveyor systems, compressed air services, steam generation and supply, process cooling, effluent treatment, etc.

Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labour and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation. The term may refer to a range of human activity, from handicraft to high tech, but is most commonly applied to industrial production, in which raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale.

Such finished goods may be sold to other manufacturers for the production of other, more complex products, such as aircraft, household appliances or automobiles, or sold to wholesalers, who in turn sell them to retailers, who then sell them to end users and consumers.

This consistent performance reflects the government’s heavy investing in the manufacturing sector. Realizing how crucial the manufacturing sector’s role in diversifying the economy took many innovative policy initiatives which supported the growth of free zones. As the economy grows, the demand for finished products and materials increases. an official report placed the total cumulative industrial capital value of all non-oil and gas industrial projects in the UAE to be exceeding US$ 20 billion, accounting for about 290,000 jobs. This new wave of manufacturers are catering for the ‘new economy’ providing machinery and tools for industries related to construction, shipbuilding, infrastructure, power generation and even retail.

The manufacturing industries sector has the highest added value among the various sectors. This sector, which is targeted by the government, is used as a means to achieve sustainable growth, either backwards towards raw materials, or forward towards medium and final products. Across the country, various emirates are pushing initiative to develop industrial centres to cope up both with the demand and the vision of being the world’s most dynamic manufacturing hub.

In Dubai, pulling its weight alongside the burgeouning number of free zones that support manufacturing in Dubai is the Dubai Industrial City. DIC is targeting US$2 billion in investment over the next five years.

Most significant in the last year was the rapid progress of the manufacturing sector in the emirate of Sharjah. Sharjah Economic Development Department reported that its industrial GDP amounts to 48 percent of the UAE’s total industrial GDP.

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