The term has got much more importance in the family of ACT. The top management is concerned with the safety and health of all the employees and the customers of us. We believe in “health is wealth” and “give and take commitment” policies. We have to look the health and safety of the employees those who are giving much of his life time for the upliftment of the company. Their wellbeing is our wealth too.  Ultimate responsibility for HS&W rests with the Group President and Executive team. The Group Human Resources Director has specific responsibility for overseeing the implementation of Group policy and for advising and updating top management on developments and performance.

Committed to the health, safety & wellbeing of our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate;
Will disclose any information that comes to our knowledge, which clearly demonstrates that any of our products or services breach internationally accepted safety standards or guidelines.
Empower our people by providing information, instruction, training and supervision to enable them to perform their roles safely and help drive our HS&Q performance.
Conducts mass drills at regular periods to make the team aware of what all they need to do on a crisis.
Involve employees, customers, contractors and suppliers in HS&Q matters, and consult with them on ways to reduce workplace hazards and improve HS&Q management systems.
Commit resources to develop, maintain and communicate HS&W programs, objectives and targets, as well as deliver consistent and effective communications, including reporting internally and externally.
Periodic review about the employee health and equipments are the routine process by ACT management. This is to ensure the quality of service we renders.

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