ACT never treated the three important phrases vision, mission and values as dead or luxury words. We have our own purpose and aim to achieve. We will not be giving up the above three words as a cost in turn for this.


ACT never compromises the customer satisfaction. We find pleasure in serving clients for their ultimate satisfaction in each and every service we render. The ACT understands the significance of customers. We never prioritize any; all the customers approaching us are equal to us and will be served utmost care and comforts. Quality is the other word to which ACT never compromises. Quality beat quantity in case of ACT. ACT realizes road to glory will remain open if we stick on to the two of these two.


ACT has set a mission to be a reliable customer friendly service provider even after growing to any extent. Our mission is to provide quality products & professional services to our customers through years of experience gained in project management, material supplies and contract services.


ACT has some values to act through. We never make that values drift away from our company. We realize the values of customer’s satisfaction and the employee’s credibility. It’s the employees who make the soul of ACT. ACT wants the soul to remain energetic and fresh to take the last lap of every run faster than the other counterparts. We can understand the values of them as well as the mission and vision of us.

Jubail, Saudi Arabia


2583 Rd 114, First Industrial Support Area,
Al Jubail 35717 7035 Rd 114,
First Industrial Support Area, Al Jubail 35717 7035
+ 966 13 341 6107


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Head Office + 966 13 341 6107ACT Cranes + 966 13 341 1317


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